The power to tell our stories lies within all of us. But this requires courage, confidence and right guidance, especially if we want our stories to bring about positive changes in society. Since the stories we highlight seek to give power to the unheard voices, we needed a symbol of power as our award trophy. And since our great kings from the past placed statues of lions at the gates of their palaces to show their power and confidence, we have selected the statuette of a lion as our award trophy. It is a handcrafted metallic lion in the local Newari style which also our way of paying homage to the artistic legacy of the local people.


Best Fiction (Short)

Best Documentary

Audience Choice Awards

Best Director Feature

Best Director Short

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Editor

Best Actor

Best Actress


Best Narrative Feature: $500

Best Short :$300

Best Documentary:$300

Audience Choice Awards:$300